_why the lucky stiff once tweeted:

when you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create.

Forget the bit about excluding people. The important point here is: create. Creating something with your own hands and deriving joy out of it transcends almost all other pleasures known to man. At the same time, its sometimes difficult to be a creative person… to be disturbed, and questioned and ridiculed and shunned. To be unlike many others.

This is a small note in defence of creators and entrepreneurs.

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I looked up, into the mirror
Saw that I’d become,
A missing patron of darkness
With a soul so very numb.

I feel this mirror is cracked
It hides the threads that cause
Hovac, load, stress, toil
And ‘tacks at others’ jaws.

I try to gaze into it’s depths
So I can trap the cracker
Who’s trying to make me believe
I’m just a lowly slacker.

How do I judge, if what you show
Is the real truth to me
Broken mirror, with a dark demeanour
Fix yourself quickly.

Is there a place where I can gaze
To check the root of a soul
Can’t befriend a cracked mirror
Which tries to map black holes.

— written circa 2016

the means to another’s ends
the wind in others’ sails
the road to the other’s house
and the shoes that they walk in.

how would you know what it feels like
to be the one who got used?
you’ve heard the string’s music
can you bear to know of its pain?

The headache comes and goes. It becomes unbearable to the point of tears at times. I just want to bang my head into a wall but, of course, I let better sense prevail. Its tempting to shout out loud or cry or break down – but again – I let the moment go by and let “better sense prevail”. I loose patience at times and I am sorry for that. I need to get better at not acting out just because my head is aching so much. The pain is intense and the head is heavy.

Does it mean that a natural end might be near? Lets see…

… just 15% like you and 15% like him, I would have at least 50% better mental health and would be at least 100% more productive and my life would have 200% more meaning. But I’m not capable of being even 1% like you or 1% like him. So I will suffer till I don’t exist anymore and this suffering, headache and pain just goes away.

To the loneliest one…

There is in certain living souls
A quality of loneliness unspeakable
So great it must be shared
As company is shared by lesser beings
Such a loneliness is mine; so know by this
That in immensity
There is one lonelier than you.

— Theodore Sturgeon, “A Saucer of Loneliness”, 1953

It’s not certain that you will succeed
Or maybe you will – more or less
Just remember when you do (or don’t)
That where you’ve reached is
Founded upon the corpses of others.

Especially me.

No – your success (or the lack of it)
Is not certain.
But my martyrdom
Is certain for sure.

Maybe you will remember the corpses
That piled up along the way. Or not.
Its not for you to have guilt
You focus on doing well.

It still doesn’t lessen my pain
To write about the indignity of
Always having to serve you

Such is my misfortune.
I’m dying and sinking most moments
And i have no strength or ability
To save myself.

What a waste my life has been.
I’m sorry to those who love me
That I could never amount to anything.
At all.